Turi McKinley

Executive Director, Org Activation

Frog Design

Turi McKinley is an Executive Director for Org
Activation at frog. Her 20+ years in design
encompasses design research, experience and
service design, and currently focuses on creative
collaboration practices within innovative teams and
organizations seeking to make change.

In her role as the creative lead for Org Activation,
Turi leads frog’s capability building and process
design practice across frog’s global studios, and
with frog’s clients. With clients, she had led
transformation efforts for GE as they developed a
user centered software capability; for UNICEF
seeking to better listen to the needs of emerging
markets; and with firms seeking to provide services
in underserved economies.

Turi’s clients at frog have spanned domains and
include the ADA, Cigna, Colgate, ETS, GE,
Honeywell, Humana, Hyundai, Mars, MTV,
Mastercard, Telstra, UNICEF and Unilever.

Her background is in anthropology, interaction
design, and experience strategy. She holds an MFA
in Design and Technology from the Parsons School
of Design.

Jeanne Angel, Experiential Media Design & Production, Local Projects

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