Christopher Fry

Chief Language Officer at Haddington Dynamics

Fry wrote his first language at the MIT Experimental Music Studio in the late '70s. He's been working in and around MIT ever since on programming languages and tools at companies such as:  BBN, Symbolics, and IBM. He started Macintosh Common Lisp at Coral Software, for which, Apple bought the company. He was founder and Chief Scientist at Clear Methods, developing one language to encompass the functionality of web programming.
Fry has also worked at MIT Sloan School's Center for Coordination Science on tools for collaboration and the MIT Media Lab on Common Sense Reasoning and Justify, a forum for structured deliberation. Fry was a founding member of the MIT Nanotechnology Study Group in 1985.

He presently teaches a class (and wrote the course book) titled "Why Can't We All Just Get Along?" at MIT with Henry Lieberman. Fry has been the Chief Language Officer at Haddington Dynamics since 2015, working on a personal manufacturing robot.

Adaora Udoji, Director of Corporate Innovation at New York City’s RLab

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