Danielle Baskin

Creative Director

I'm Danielle Baskin — a product designer, situation designer, and visual artist. I design experiences across all mediums and have sold products and concepts to people around the world: optical illusions of a cloud to NASA, ice cream tricycles to Nickelodeon, branded avocados to Salesforce, and bicycle helmets to Reebok. I was featured in The New York Times article 27 Years Old, 6 Companies, 1 Employee: Herself. My work has been called "completely inventive" by Mashable, "there is nothing more 2016 than this" by Vice, as well as featured in Fast Company, Business Insider, Engadget, The Verge, CNET, Oprah, and MacWorld. My stunts have probably been shared in your Slack channels and on your Twitter feed.

Gene Kogan, Artist and Programmer

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