Jacqueline Tsekouras
Sr. Creative Strategist


Jacqueline Tsekouras is a storyteller at heart who is inspired by the ever-changing digital world. She grew up in the arts and worked as a television producer and director before starting her MBA at the Schulich School of Business at York University. Her background in media, paired with her experience in tech, has positioned her to craft compelling narratives while honoring the communication trends of our time. She's curious about how the new tools of the future can be used for creativity and expression by both individuals and brands. Finding new opportunities to create experiences for people to enjoy life and explore the world around them is her greatest passion.

Most recently, in September 2016 she joined a small group of individuals who launched the Canadian Snapchat office. There she worked to educate the marketplace and activate Canada's largest brands on the platform while leading the Creative Strategy team for the country. In October 2019 she relocated to the Snapchat NYC office to work on creative strategies for some of America's largest brands.

During her free time Jacqueline writes for her blog Digitales which takes a look into how her life, and the lives of those around her, is being impacted by the new 'digital world'. What's digital? What's tech? What's the difference? Who really cares? It's a candid view into her life and how it's evolving (whether she likes it or not) with technology.

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