Robert Michael Smith is an active pioneer of digital sculpture in the mediums of 3D CG visualization/animation, virtual reality, robotics, 3D printing, sustainable material processes, and synthetic biology while continuing to create cyber-organic abstract sculptures in wood, metal, stone, as well as various composite materials.  Smith is tenured Associate Professor at New York Institute of Technology Department of Digital Arts & Design.  Smith also visits China twice a year as Distinguished Visiting Professor at Tianjin Academy of Fine Art.

Smith serves as a Founding Board Director for Digital Stone Project and continues as a Board organizer for DSP Summer Workshops for Robotic Stone Carving at Tuscany.  Smith was twice President of The Sculptors Guild.  He served as founding Web Director and Board Director for International Sculpture Center.  During 2010 – 2012 Smith was Director of Beijing Tomorrow Art Gallery at Beijing, China.

Smith has exhibited globally for forty years including Digital Stone Exhibition at Beijing Today Art Museum, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Chongqing Jinse Gallery, and Wenzhou ArtMap Gallery.  Smith’s sculptures are included in the permanent collections of China National Museum of Fine Art at Beijing, Datong Museum of Contemporary Sculpture, and Autodesk Gallery at One Market, San Francisco, CA.  Smith has lectured at numerous universities, international conferences, and featured in several international articles and books including Bruce Wand’s “Art of the Digital Age”, published by Thames and Hudson.

October 2012 Smith completed Stage One: Bio-Sculpture: Rapid Prototyping Human Biological Material for Sculpture”, Art & Science collaboration with Dr. Anthony Atala at Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine to 3D print living human tissue of an invented sculptural form designed by CAD.  This project was a featured lecture presentation at XXXVII Brown Symposium, “What Things May Come: 3D Printing in the Fine Arts and Sciences”, Alma Thomas Theater, Sarofim School of Fine Arts, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas during February 2015.

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