Work with us

Creative Tech Week needs volunteers and temporary staff! To apply, send an email describing the role you are interested in and your background to

Creative Tech Week needs volunteers during the year and both volunteers and paid temporary staff during our festival.

During the year, we rely on unpaid staff and interns. Our team is made up of seasoned professionals; if you are an expert in your field with the desire to give back you will feel at home with our team. When it comes to interns, we need self-starters who do not need hand-holding to figure out what needs to be done and tackle it. We are happy to speak with your department about credit and you can attend our events for free.

Please send us your resume with an email telling us about your background and which roles you are interested in. Please choose from the following unpaid positions (urgent positions are highlighted) or come up with your own ideas:

  • Acting Coaching: Some of our speakers need voice coaching and direction about their presentations
  • Art Criticism: Review Creative Tech shows for our Features section under your own byline.
  • Audience Analytics: Web analytics manager needed to measure traffic and raise SEO
  • Data Visualization: Make our numbers look oh-so-cool
  • Event Planning: Help us book venues and contact talent
  • Graphic Design: We need to enhance, trim and lay out images and text for presentations, advertisements, event announcements and annual reports
  • Journalism: Write articles about our creative tech experts under your own byline
  • Marketing: help us reach more potential audience members in targeted markets
  • Photography: We need great photos of our events, and our experts always need headshots and excellent photos of their work
  • Public Relations: Let journalists and editors know about our upcoming festival events
  • Social Media: help manage our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  • Sponsorship Sales: Reach out to companies that want to get in front of our community
  • Tax Accounting/COO: Help manage accounting, taxes, and administrative applications
  • Videography: Calling all videographers with great equipment, including 3D and VR. So many events to be filmed, with your name in the credits
  • Video Editing: We always end up with lots of footage that needs to be put together with care and posted online
  • Web Content Manager: WordPress experience, 1 year
  • Website Design: Make our website and social media presence even more amazing
  • WordPress Development: Help build our website

To apply, please send an email describing the role you are interested in and your background to admin at ctw dot nyc.

Below is our expected hiring for volunteer and paid staff during the festival week:

Back of House

  • 2-5 Exhibition Supervisors. Organized, good people person, able to delegate and keep track of multiple tasks, detail oriented. You’ve managed participants at events.
  • 1 Expo Installation Specialist. Handyman/carpenter role /light bulb changes/hanging fixtures, audio, electrical, physical spaces, ladders, construction, etc. able to lift 50lbs
  • 2-6 Setup / Breakdown Assistant (Volunteer). No experience needed
  • 1-2 A1. 2 years of A1 experience
  • 2-3 AV Tech. 2 years of experience running projectors, microphones, sound boards, cabling, testing AV equipment
  • 2-3 Stage Manager/Conference Producer. Conference production experience doing run of show

Front of House

  • 10-20 Registration/Show Assistants (Volunteer). Tidy appearance, friendly demeanor, detail-oriented with checking computer sheets and answering questions
  • 2 Concessions Cashiers. Clean, organized, trustworthy, knows how to make change, have sold food items before